Mt Woodgee Surfboards are designed and crafted by some of surfing’s most experienced, meticulous and innovative shapers, finishers and artists.

For 40 years, Mt Woodgee has been committed to perfecting surfboards which maximise performance and enjoyment for each individual surfer – from novices to elite professionals.

We get our name from the little rainforest covered mountain which sits behind the southern Gold Coast’s legendary point breaks. Our original shapers and designers squatted for free in an abandoned farmhouse on the summit, where they first started making our iconic surfboards…with million dollar views straight into the barrels of Snapper Rocks, Rainbow Bay, Greenmount and Kirra.

Everyone is welcome to talk with our team about their requirements – the complexities of curvature and surfboard dynamics are so much more than a collection of dimensions and volumes.

Whether it’s from our extensive range of stock models, or a personalised custom, Mt Woodgee’s will put a mastercrafted board under your feet which is made from the best possible materials and expertly matched to your surfing.