This design evolved by combining the shorter and wider concept which is common in modern shortboards with the superfast drivey feel you get when riding channel bottoms. 4 channels are more maneuverable than the traditional 6 channel design. As a bonus, these boards work unreal as a quad as well as a thruster. Anyone who has tried a channel bottom will love this design. If you want to maximize drive and top end speed whilst retaining maneuverability, the 4×5 Combo is a great choice.

5'919.1/42.3/8RD5 FIN28.9
5'1119.1/22.3/8RD5 FIN31.5
6'119.5/82.1/2RD5 FIN32.4
6'319.3/42.5/8RD5 FIN37.5


***If you choose to add one of  Willy sprays to your new surfboard we will contact you about pricing information after purchase.

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Intermediate to advanced surfers

Ideal Conditions

Beachies, reefs or points from 2 foot to well overhead

Fin Set Up

FCS 5Fin

Tail Shape



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