I’ve been riding Mt Woodgee Surfboards since my world-title run in 1987.

Years before that, I was invited up to the old farmhouse on top of Mt Woodgee to enjoy unbelievable views of Kirra, Coolie, Greenmount, Rainbow Bay and Snapper Rocks while we cooked freshly caught mackerel under the rainforest canopy. I was one bloody lucky grommet to have Rabbit as a mate, that’s for sure…not everyone was allowed up the mountain! Mt Woodgee was the most perfect surfer’s hang-out you could imagine. Nick and the lads used to craft their famous shooters right there under the shack and the old fruit trees. Mt Woodgee is as much a part of Gold Coast surfing lore – of global surfing history – as any company I’ve been involved with.

Times have changed, but the hand-craftsmanship hasn’t. In an era when almost every surfboard you see is a mass produced, extruded ‘sporting product’ with no more soul than a golf-ball; Mt Woodgee still commits to the utmost personal expertise in all aspects of their surfboard work-shop. Every Mt Woodgee surfboard is crafted as a stand-alone example of the care they’ve taken to make it for you.

These traditions of meticulous craftsmanship and superb quality have contributed to my professional success over the years, but – more importantly – have been integral to my enjoyment of surfing. I simply cannot recommend Mt Woodgee Surfboards highly enough. Those after something cheap and disposable shouldn’t bother. Anyone interested in a surfboard they’ll treasure owes it to themselves to ride one. I encourage all my friends and fans to get the most from their surfing and optimise their speed, power and manoeuvring with the help of Mt Woodgee!