Willy Nicholls is one of the world’s few remaining acknowledged masters of the art of airbrushing.

Airbrushing was at its peak of popularity in the counter-culture era of the 1960s and 1970s and was featured on a vast array of media across many different genres. From iconic album covers and movie posters, to canvasses, buildings and motor vehicles – airbrush artwork was dream-like expression of the artist’s deepest imagination.

And there was no better medium than the sleek, polished surfboards of the 70’s to showcase this most demanding of artistic pursuits.

Airbrushing – and Airbrushers – rapidly disappeared from the public eye, as surfing corporatized and surfboards morphed from personalised, lovingly crafted treasures, into mass produced sporting products.

Willy Nicholls is a profoundly gifted, highly acclaimed multi-medium artist who was self-taught as an Aiirbrusher around the time that its great but brief era came to end in the 80s.

He found a spiritual home at Mt Woodgee, where the shared values of individualised surfboards – of artisan craftsmanship – remains unchanged.

Today, Willy works on surfboards, canvasses and on the development of digital artwork, using airbrush, inks, tints, brushes, pens and whatever abstract methods inspire him.

Now, you can own Willy Nicholls Art by buying one of his unique surfboard creations, or by downloading his pieces for your use on a variety of media…


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